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Premises Alcohol Licence Service

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Discover the premises licence requirements to sell alcohol or hot food &and drink or provide entertainment from petrol station forecourts, convenience stores, pubs, clubs, restaurants and takeaways throughout England and Wales.

Petrol Forecourt Licence Applications

petrol station licence applications

An application for the retail sale of alcohol from a forecourt poses an initial unique challenge to the applicant, as they must first overcome the "intensity of use" obstacle. Additionally the operator may also face objections from local residents, other businesses and bodies known as responsible authorities who include for example the Police and Environmental Health amongst others.

RB Retail & Licensing Services Limited specialise in licensing petrol forecourts and are especially aware of the pitfalls and can help you achieve a successful outcome for you premises alcohol licence application.

Convenience Store Licence Applications

petrol station licence applications

The retail sale of alcohol within your store can bring great rewards. Between 20-30% store growth in the first year following an initial grant of an alcohol licence is not unknown. This combined with between 20-24% sales margin on the combined sale of beers, wines and spirits can produce healthy profitability. Anecdotal evidence suggests that for every pound spent in a business on alcohol up to an additional pound is also spent on other goods sold in the business.

Again, our experience suggests that newly licensed retailers find their footfall can increase, particularly in the evenings and weekends with high level of associated sales.

Licence Applications For Pubs & Clubs

petrol station licence applications

Whilst background music is not classed as entertainment and therefore not requiring a premises licence, other forms of entertainment do require licensing, e.g. live music (normally now after 23.00 hours), dancing, plays, films, indoor sporting events and boxing/wrestling

As part of the RB Retail & Licensing Services Limited package for all types of premises an on site visit is included so that anything that may hinder an application can be identified and dealt with.

Restaurant and Takeaway Licence Applications

petrol station licence applications

A premises licence (dependent on what had been applied for) allows a business to operate certain licensable activities such as the sale of alcohol or the provision of live music or dancing etc.

Another licensable activity is the provision of late night refreshment (LNR) i.e. the heating of food & drink on the premises for consumption on and off the premises. LNR only applies between 23.00 until 05.00 hours, 7 days a week. LNR also applies to mobile takeaway vans and other outlets providing a similar service.

RB Retail & Licensing Services Limited can advise you regarding your proposed premises licence application for the sale of hot food and drink.

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Why Sell Alcohol?

Competition is fierce throughout all areas of the retail sector especially with those that sell/provide alcohol as part of their offer. The customer is king and business must do all they can to ensure their offering meets and exceeds the needs and expectations of their customers.

Most operators now agree that to limit the range of goods sold in an outlet (such as the traditional CTN) will in time lead to a decline in business opportunities as specialist shops become more and more outdated replaced with stores providing a greater emphasis on convenience and top up shopping.

Therefore, for many in that position, there is now a realisation they must offer more to survive. A good alcohol range combined with grocery lines will, for many, offer their business some considerable relief.

Customer expectation when entering smaller stores is no different to their expectations of the largest grocery operators. The Public in the main expect all shops to offer all product categories including alcohol so they can complete their purchases under one roof at one visit.

Please call us for details.

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Licensing Guidance Manual

  • All your day to day alcohol sales
    training requirements in one manual
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to understand
  • Significant training time saving
    for operators
  • Full due diligence pack
  • Inexpensive
  • Updates provided free of charge


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